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CNC Fabrication

We own a new CAMaster Stinger 1 SR24 CNC router with a 1kW HSD spindle, laser engraver, and Storm Vacuum system. We can cut any type of plastic sheet including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, Starboard, carbon fiber, etc. We can even cut aluminum up to 1/4″ thick. We use Vectric VCarve Pro for our CAD/CAM design software.

We also have access to a large ShopBot PRSAlpha 5’x10′ CNC router for cutting panels larger than 2’x4′.

These machines cut parts to extremely tight tolerances and leave smooth edges giving your dash overlay or switch panel a finished look. We can add logos or just about any type of artwork, texture, or pattern to the parts we cut. 

We can also fabricate rear-mounted dash panels with no visible fasteners for the “glass helm” look. 

We will provide you with CAD renderings and even prototype parts to prevent mistakes and to make sure the final machined parts exactly meet your requirements.